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modern palette knife painting showing a countryside landscape my last painting knife canvas showing a sunny clearing in a forest

My last painting knife artworks, click on the choosen picture to see it in a larger size.

studio painting artwork of Benard Janson contemporary french artist painter studio painting artwork of Benard Janson contemporary french artist painter studio painting artwork of Benard Janson contemporary french artist painter

Partial views of my workshop


As many autodidact artits painters, I have tryed several ways of painting, such as charcoal, watercolor, acryl and oil on canvas. Little by little, I found out I prefered to work with substential material. Therefore I choose to work with palette knives.

At the begining I liked a characteristic of the impressionists artists painters where we can see their strokes of brushes. With the palette knives, I try to show the marks of my artwork produced by the palette knives. With a thick paste applied on the canvas, I seek to provide to my artwork an energic and singular style enlivened with a hint of poetry, and also to strucure the details.

Creating visual sensations, using warm and harmonious colours, searching for a personnal style, sharing with the viewer the emotional experiences felt before the light and the colours are my reasons of inspiration.

I improved my painting skill with palette knives by taking part in courses organised by a famous contemporay french artist painter.

paiting knife figurative and abstract artwork


Christian JEQUEL

My master painting. Before to know Christian JEQUEL and his way of painting with palette knives, I practiced painting knife, but I asked myself several questions about this way of painting. Wtih his courses, Christian JEQUEL answered to my questions, and even more. In addition to his talent, I very much appreciate his human qualities such as his genrerosity.

drawing atelier of friends of artists painters


This group gathers many artists painters from nearby the city of Lille. Drawing or painting, watercolor, oil, acryl or pastel are used by the members of this group. All kinds of styles are practiced going from figurative to abstract.

artwork of fabien de clercq french artist painter


French artist painter, follower of the figurative painting, I appreciate his stylish and sleek artwork.

Yves Picci artwork; contemporary modern landscape; Re island after rainfall


Former litterature teacher. Yves Picci paints for about fifteen years. He uses brushes or palette knives, and recently he forsook painting oil for acryl. His pictorial world, and his main concern made of figures, landscapes, seascapes and various objects are the elements around the atmosphere of his artwork. To make this he plays with the intensity of colours. Yves Picci likes to suggest... and painting is for him, he makes no secret of it, a way of expressing what he has the laziness to write.

landscape made by a french artist painter Jean-Pierre DELOURME

Autodidact french artist painter, Jean-Pierre offers us to see an artwork where we can appreciate the accuracy of his drawing. The strictness of his technique, combined with the gentle tonalities are the characteristics of his artwork. He was largely influenced by the impressionist painters.